Enchanting Edinburgh – What to do in 6 days?

If you have been to Edinburgh it’s quite obvious that this is a city you’d want to visit more often.
I was thinking about visiting this place for years. Although the weather forecast always kept me in doubt.. Eventually I realised that the weather in Scotland is unpredictable in any season. So why wouldn’t I just give it a try? The beautiful scenery of the Highlands, the enchanting streets of Edinburgh and typical celtic music, wich I’ve always loved – and even more since watching the Outlander series – inspired me into booking a trip.

Because I was travelling by myself and preferred a low budget trip I booked myself a hostel. This hostel is located at the centre of the old town of Edinburgh, which was just perfect. You’ll find lots of pubs, restaurants with glutenfree options and must-see tourists spots just around the corner. This hostel offered also privacy because of it’s so called ‘pods’.

So what to do when visiting Edinburg? Check out these 5 tips:

1. Wandering around the oldtown

To be honest, what I loved most about Edinburgh is that you’re able to walk around the city so easily. When leaving the Highstreet or the Royal Mile, by passing some of Edinburg’s typical small alleys, you’ll just always end up coming back to the main streets. So it is quite nice to get lost overhere! Especially because these buildings make you feel like your walking around an ancient movie scene. When stepping out of the bus and viewing Edinburgh castle upon the hill, besides all these georgian architecture, it’s like you actually travelled through time.

2. Get some drinks at Grassmarket

Just a short distance from the mainstreets of the old city you’ll find the Grassmarket. This area is filled with pubs and clubs. Because there are just a few blocks it is really fun to hop around and experience all different pubs. I especially liked the Irish pubs that offer daily live music. There’s always just a great atmosphere and the fun starts pretty early (compared to Dutch clubbing). So you can get out at night AND do some exploring the next day. P.S Be prepared for lots of beers and very less wine options, but also for great conversations. Scottish people are very friendly and chatty!

3. Whisky or beer tasting

Doesn’t need much explanation right? Almost every hostal offers it’s own whisky and beer tasting nights. Besides that you’ll also find these and gin tasting’s around Edinburgh. One of my fellow travellers really liked the Gin tasting at the Lost Close, you can find it here.

4. Explore the Scottisch Highlands or Loch Ness

When you’re staying in the city longer then three days, you will have enough time to also visit the incedible, surrounding area of Edinburgh. Do keep in mind that most of the tours take about 8 – 12 hours and you will be spending a lot of time at the bus. Ofcourse there are stops in between to take pictures and the Scottisch tourguides wil make sure you have a great day, by telling you all of their historical tales.

5. Underground vaults tour

Personally I really loved this tour. Simply because scottisch people are in general, great storytellers. During this tour you’re learning more about Edinburghs history. How the vaults were created, what it was used for and the ofcourse there are lots of spooky stories, concerning the people that lived in the vaults.

Have you been to Edinburgh? Let me know wich activity or tour was your favourite!

”Never lose your sense of wonder”.

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